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Curtain Measuring Guide
Use a metal tape for accuracy.
All measurements can be given in Cms or Inches.
We can make a curtain to a maximum drop of 3 meters.
We strongly recommend that you install your track or pole before measuring.
The track or pole should extend approx 6" beyond the window on either side to allow the curtains to be drawn back, off the window during the day.
As our curtains already allow for a full gather, all you need to do is :
Measuring Width:
For tracks: Measure the width of the track from end to end.
If the track overlaps in the middle you must include the overlap. (A to B + C to D).
For poles: Measure the width of the pole between the decorative finials.
Measuring Height:
For tracks: Measure from the top of the track to allow it to be hidden by the curtains to the exact length required.
For poles: Measure from the underside of the curtain ring to allow the pole to be seen above the curtains to the exact length required.
For poles: Where eyelets and tab top style of stitching are selected measure from the top of the pole to the exact length required, Do NOT add an allowance for the rise above the eyelets - we will do that.  We recommend you position your pole 10cms or 4 inches above the window to prevent light spill between pole and curtains.
Valance Measuring Guide
A separate valance track is required to fit above your existing track, or a combination track including the valance track is also widely available.
Use the valance track width (not the curtain track width) to determine the size of valance required. Add the return size A and C to the track size B to get an exact length of the valance.

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